Online Adult
Counselling & Coaching


Gosh you’ve been at it hey. 

Scrolling through different therapy and coaching pages, wondering who can help you. All you see is insurance this, therapy model that, and jargon jargon upon jargon.

At Creative Counselling Centre both Alex & Jade believe in keeping it simple. We get it

  • You’re trying your best, but things aren’t getting better

  • Your sleep and diet isn’t going the way you’d like it to  

  • Your relationships may suck, a lot of arguments are had or simply a void is there not quite satisfied. 

  • Thoughts of “I’m a failure”, “People see me as a fake” or “My anxiety just doesn’t seem to drop” is on auto repeat.

It’s true we all have these moment, but should you decide to put in the work, we’re more than happy to help you out with this journey. You can take control of your future, and often it takes this first step. This is the first Step Towards the future you deserve.