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Coaching & Counselling


They’re running around, there’s just no rest and the side eye glances from people in the supermarket is making you cringe.

We get it, parenting is not just a full time job, but also an Olympic Sport. In itself.

You’re in the right space if you need help with

  • Helping your kiddo with their emotions, like anxiety, depression, stress, and challenging social situations.

  • Building a stronger foundation and attachment with them.

  • To establish routines that not only works for your kiddo but for your busy schedule too.

  • Support your family in the best way you possibly can.

Now we’re not looking for the most perfect parent out there, we get it the laundry isn’t done and dishes sometimes not washed and that’s honestly fine. But it becomes a challenge when  things just feel out of hand, a rollercoaster of emotions and day to day living is hard.

Using a combination of behavioural interventions, attachment informed treatments and positive parenting coaching. You’ll find that small and manageable adjustments can make the worlds difference. Check out the First Session structure that helps parents understand what to expect in their first session, and to help you organise some ideas for when we meet.

Go on Alex and Jade won’t bite, we’ve already gone through our teething phase, and look forward to brining a sense of calm to your household.