Couples Counselling


Making the decision to come to a couples counselling session can be both exciting and scary. 

Often more scary if I’m to be honest, I’ve seen it all. The anxiousness of “will they think we’re totally messed up”, “there’s no hope why even try”, or the cyclical bickering and mean mean comments.

Its exactly these traits we’re looking at when working with couples at Creative Counselling Centre.


Both Alex & Jade the immense power of relationships, the healing capacity of attachment and also just a bit of humour and fun.

Using an IMAGO Couples framework 

  • Establish a Relationship Vision

  • You’ll learn how to engage in a meaningful Couples Dialogue.

  • Express needs and encouraging behaviour change.

  • Process Negativity and provide holding and Caring space for each other

  • Visualise love, Self integration, Re-Romancing

One of the activities we use often when starting work with couples include the Relationship Vision exercise. In this activity it proves both parties an opportunity to express their needs, and to shift these into goals and a vision for the relationship. 

Check some of that out below