Meet Our Team

At creative counselling centre, we believe in working within a team, and collaborative approach.


Through this multidisciplinary approach working internally and outsourcing counsellors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, families and allied health providers, we strive to provide the best service to our clients

Dip. Art Therapy (HELIOS), Cert. Art Therapy (Y1,Y2, Y3) (HELIOS), Cert. Counselling (STREPCO), Cert. Neuroscience Coaching (UP), Cert. TESOL(WITS)
 Jade Fletcher
Counsellor & Art Therapist
Dip. Art Therapy, Cert. Counselling, Cert. Neuroscience Coaching, Cert. TESOL

I am a registered counsellor with the Council for Counsellors of South Afirca, practising since 2014 with a special interest in using the arts and creativity to help clients move forward into a balanced life.  I hold a three-year qualification in counselling as well as a certificate in neuroscience coaching, the STREPCO approach to counselling as well as my TESOL certification in teaching English.


My high school art teacher was my biggest influence in leading me to the art in wellness field.  I had a love for art and a passion for helping people. I wanted to intertwine the two which lead me to use creative counselling.


The reason I do what I do, and will continue for years to come, is the hope and believe for change. I want to help people find a voice for self-expression with creativity.  To encourage them to discover and nurture their true sense of self. Imagine a self-aware society capable of creating a harmonious co-existence. People who learn to love themselves can impact our society for the better.


I am constantly involved with research and researching, reading and keeping up to date with current developments within the wellness and counselling field.  I regularly attend continued professional development (CPD) training to ensure our clients are receiving the most relevant and ethical wellness care.


A turning point for me in practice was moving into collaborative work. It was here I gained the value of genuine professional support, the value of exchanged ideas and the respect of a multidisciplinary team. This not only benefited me in my personal capacity but I watched my clients reap the benefits of a new approach. I used to fear change, but everything changed when I found the joy of travelling. Today, I seek out adventure and embrace change.



Top tip: Practice Active Listening -

This is a skill you need to practise.  When the people in your life speak - Really be in the moment (eliminating distractions like TV and cellphones) you would be amazed at what we can hear when we attend to the moments where listening is required and how this strengthens respect, relationships and understanding.  I believe learning to actively listen would eliminate many communication problems.