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Grief & Anger

I can get so angry I’ll explode! ⁠😡🤬😤💢🗯🌋⁠

I hear this #now more than ever in #session and #clients are often #astonished when I hand them a piece of #paper, #pillow or #softtoy and say - ⁠ ⁠ Well explode as loudly as you can! ⁠ Handing them a piece of paper to rip, a pillow to punch, or to throw a soft toy often is followed by tears or smiles⁠, a laugh or more anger. This simple act allows us to lean into the anger and understand where it's coming from. ⁠

Our anger protects us, and now during a #GlobalPandemic we might be going through a grieving process, and it's through understanding this grief we can see that anger is a part of that - so too is a low mood or even depression. ⁠ 🙈Denial⁠ 🤬Anger ⁠ 😞Depression ⁠ 🙏Bargaining and ⁠ 👌Acceptance⁠ ⁠

This almost always helps parents of young children, teenagers and adults to understand, through thoughts and behaviours why we feel anger, it's also important to recognise that we're also allowed to #feel the anger.

So here’s a challenge, if you're up to it, and wishing to understand Anger a bit better.

"I wonder how you could transform your anger - using paper, and any art materials"

I decided to transform my anger into a rose, you can see the creative process below. This rose is beautiful to look at, as I noticed how I felt, my whole body was calm, and I was aware of a slower breathing after the creation.

My hands were dirty and messy with the oil pastels - so I had to take care of myself, by not only washing my hands but walking away from the anger for a bit. This is often such a useful tip for when we feel angry

- Taking care of ourselves

- Taking a break and returning to it

- Doing something creative

- Practising a hobby

⁠Materials I used

- 1: Paper

- 2: Oil Pastels

- 3: Masking tape

After creating your art piece - it's recommended that you process some of these thoughts and feelings. This can be in a #private #Journal, a secure vlog or audio recording - or simply through jotting down some thoughts. Do reach out to info@creativecounsellingcentre.org if you have any questions.

#JournalPrompt: What did it feel like to create your art piece. Using your senses describe what each stage felt like at the beginning, middle and end.

Share your ideas on our #Instagram page at @CreativeCounsellingCentre let’s share some ideas and build a #CreativeCaringCommunity

More resources

- For a handout and activity check out the Stages of Grief on TherapistAid.com

- There are also countless other Coping Strategies for Anger see here for some ideas

- Explaining Anger to Kids - using the Anger Iceberg

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