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Introducing Comfort - enjoying Tuesday Tea with Jade

So in case, you're wondering I'd much rather be enjoying this hot, steaming cup of tea with you in a beautiful forest, however, due to current circumstances I had to creative in this post and on Instagram check it out below.

That being said let's talk comfort. For me, tea has been my source of comfort, it always has been, remembering from a very young age how family members would make me tea when I'm sad. "Jade I'm going to make you tea with love, and it's all going to be fine". It's funny how these simple acts seem to stick right?

That's it though I've associated tea with comfort, and that for me is super ok. Because this has become a healthy way for me to cope with things, especially when things are hard.

Especially when I'm feeling #sad, #mad, #overwhealmed, #stressed I find myself gravitating towards the kettle and making myself a cup of tea, and I go outside and I #breath.

For me, deep breathing really helps, I usually use the following method;

- 1: Breathing in through my nose for about 3 seconds,

- 2: Holding that breath for a short while,  

- 3: Breathing out through your mouth for about 6 seconds

- 4: Repeat for 10 times or 5-10 min.

This really helps me, and I'd e recommend it if you're feeling stressed or worried. Also, it should be noted that it works for some, and not for others.

Everyone has something different that works for them, find what works for you!

I also learned that over time that tea is a way for me to connect with people, especially when I'm making plans.

I would hear myself saying "Can I pop in for tea?", "Do you feel like a cup of tea?", "We should go out for tea?" I think I've officially been associated now with tea.

Here's a Comfort Challenge for you:
Find something that brings you comfort.

Take 5 positive minutes out of your day and write it down. If you need any help, you can also use the downloadable handout.

Think about it, what brings you comfort is it listening to music, taking a bubble bath, is it going for a run, enjoying a piece of dark chocolate and a hot beverage, is it cuddling up with you favourite blanket and movie or series. What does that comfort feel like to you? Also, consider how would you know when you need to use some of these comforts you've identified. Make this your goal!

Fun fact: Did you know, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

Click here for the Handout

Here's why we need comfort?

- 1: Actively practising self-care and taking a break Reduces Stress

- 2: Taking a time out helps reduce changes of Burnout  

- 3: Breaks and timeouts also help Increase your Focus

If you enjoyed this check out Creative Counselling Centre's IGTV channel for more

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