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Our First Instagram Life Attempt - and it Rocked

During a time of social distancing and social safety - we at Creative Counselling Centre got Creative with Instagram live now on IGTV!

Checking in with Jade and myself Alex, we co-created with an adaption the amazing Wellness Starfish we borrowed from the Development of an Integrative Wellness Model: Supervising Counselors-in-Training by Ashley J. Blount, Patrick R. Mullen.

Art is such a fundamental in our practice. As it helps us connect with one another, ourselves and also allows us to process some of the things we hear on a day today.

It's also important that we too experience what clients can expect in sessions when using art materials, in the counselling room. As the amazing art therapist, Dr Barbara Fish encourages, the use of "response art" can be a useful tool for the art therapist after sessions, processing emotions, and gaining insights, and useful in supervision.

Although not a full art therapy session, the time Jade and I spent on the Wellness Starfish helped us really connect with the domains of wellness we would like to focus on over the next few weeks. I for one is an absolute fan of The Indivisible Self (IS) model of wellness, where Jade enjoys the of both the SAMHSA’s 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

For those at home who would like to create your own Wellness Starfish here's how we did it

Each leg of the Starfish represents a domain e.g. emotional, social, physical, environmental, financial, etc

- 1: Choose the domains you want to focus on (Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Essential, Financial, Occupational, Physical etc.)

- 2: Draw/illustrate the domain using a 5 point scale (5 is well developed, 1 is still developing) and use this to indicate the length of the starfish, seaweed, amount of rocks etc.

- 3: You can repeat this project over time to see which domains you're knocking out of the park, and others that might need some more attention.

If you do create your own #WellnessStarfish, do share your creation with us on our #Instagram page by tagging us at @CreativeCounsellingCentre.

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