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Winter is here - Grab Your Winter Woolies

#Winter is here and boy am I ready to get my scarf out!!! Well not really as I'm in #Singapore at the moment and here it's 24/7 sunshine and heat!

But my memory is good, and there's something about a warm #hotchocolate, a warm scarf around my neck and the #comfort of my favour #HarryPotter book that makes my ideal winter escape.

Why is this so? Well, #Comfort and #Escapism can be really useful #SelfCare and #CopingStratagies. I personally used these as coping strategies through those awkward teen years.

Coping strategies are needed now more than ever! #COVID19 is here and we're not sure what's to come, where things are heading, and through things like season changes we see at least small elements of change.

These strategies are to call #MindfulnessBased practices - where we focus and harness our attention to ground ourselves (both acknowledging the good and bad stuff), and it helps clear our minds.

Being mindful can also help us then differentiate between having a #rest or needing to #crash. When we are rested and recharged our energy levels are typically higher, we feel refreshed and can tackle some work. However we need to #crash when our battery and energy levels are super low - this is, of course, common, but prolonged #crashing might be a sign to reach out for help.

Share your ideas on our #Instagram page at @CreativeCounsellingCentre let’s share some ideas and build a #CreativeCaringCommunity what your go-to #winterwellness #practices are!

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