Supervisors aims to inform supervisees of the goals, policies, theoretical orientations toward counselling, training, and supervision model or approach in which the supervision is based. Further recognising that a primary goal of supervision is helping the clients of the counsellor (supervisee).

Begin your supervision progress

Supervision at Auxilia Counselling will include but is not limited to

  • Business Registration with CIPS

  • Case debriefing

  • Case discussion

  • Case note writing

  • Case treatment planning

  • Client/Parent feedback

  • Client/Parent reports

  • Equipment

  • Finances and Invoicing

  • General practice management

  • General supervision

  • Market Research

  • Medical aid

  • Networking and Marketing

  • Practice documentation Note taking, consent etc

  • Practice location and Structure

  • Registration with health boards CCSA/ASCH/HPCSA/SACSSP

  • Specialisation